Program Structure for the Celestials Path 

Whether you are on the Moon Path of Personal Transformation or the Sun Path of Apprenticeship, there are common requirements and expectations for completion of the Celestials Paths. 

The Celestial Path school year begins January 1st, and concludes December 15th. The school is closed during the month of August. There are nine sessions, and up to two sequestered two-day weekends.

nighttime moon photo with man and moon reflected in pool of waterMoon Path Requirements

The Moon Path of Personal Transformation is a year-long program under the Celestials Path. Students who are accepted to the Moon Path will be expected to be intermediate to advanced practitioners.  

All Moon Path students must:

  • Attend Orientation in January.
  • Attend four out of eight remaining sessions.
  • Participate in the annual book study.
  • Complete assigned readings.
  • Complete daily and weekly exercises and altar work.
  • Maintain a working magical journal for the year. The journal will hold all writings, dreams, rituals, class work, artwork, etc. associated with the students’ magical and/or spiritual practice. Journals may be inspected from time to time to confirm compliance.
  • Meet with Katrina Messenger two to four times annually to discuss their progress in the school.
  • Contribute 40 service hours which includes regular temple maintenance, half of which can be satisfied within approved community service initiatives such Connect DC.

Any additional public classes, sequestered weekends, and projects are optional for Moon Path students. Additionally, Moon Path students may request to switch to the Sun Path upon advisement with Katrina Messenger. 

sun shining over beautiful natural scenerySun Path Requirements

Students who want to commit themselves to a more strenuous path can enroll in the Sun Path of Apprenticeship. The Sun Path is 4+ year program, entailing additional commitments and study based on individual students’ paths and vocations. 

In addition to the requirements listed in the Moon Path, Sun Path students must:

  • Attend at least one sequestered weekend and one public class in their first year
  • Attend at least one sequestered weekend and two public classes in their second-forth years
  • Complete an annual project as approved by Katrina.


School Life

Students on the Sun and Moon Paths are encouraged to schedule appointments using Katrina Messengers' scheduling system. From time to time, additional outings focusing on the elements of the season may be arranged by senior students; all students are expected to make an effort to attend.

Mystery school students are encouraged to consider Katrina Messenger as a clergy resource for emergencies and rites of passage. Katrina maintains a separate spiritual counseling and coaching practice with hourly rates beyond the individual student meetings required. Katrina does not offer psychological or pastoral counseling, as she is not licensed, nor qualified to offer such services.

Students have access to our Facebook Group and our Whatsapp list for communications.