Why do we require folks to apply to Celestials instead of just admitting everyone who signs up?
Katrina Messenger answered this question on her blog here.

Does Reflections offer a correspondence course?

Reflections is not a correspondence school. We do now offer an online/long distance option. You are required to attend three rituals/classes, one of which is the initial Orientation ritual. We will broadcast portions of our ritual/classes over Zoom for those who cannot attend in person due to illness or distance. However, in-person attendance is important and encouraged. Working directly in the energy and community of the school and teacher is part of the core experience of the school.

Why charge money?
We charge for our classes because, first and foremost, it provides income for our teachers. Secondly, it insures that the exchange that is made between teacher and student is as clean as possible given the nature of spiritual instruction and training. 

The prices for Reflections classes are based on a living wage rate of $12.50 per hour. 

Where does the money go?
The teacher portion includes teacher travel, housing, and meals as well as teacher fees. Teachers are paid to provide compensation for their time, talent, and energy. Katrina Messenger, as the head of the Order and primary instructor, is paid as clergy from the administrative bucket. The teacher bucket is used to provide compensation to visiting teachers and faculty members on a per class basis.

The administrative portion includes all costs associated with housing, food, materials, and paying clergy and staff.