Celestial Paths

About the Celestials Paths

Celestial student lighting candle on fire altarThe Celestials Paths (Sun and Moon) are designed for intermediate to advanced practitioners who seek more structure and balance within their practice. It provides advanced training, mentorship and community for those who seek a spiritual vocation.

The Celestials Path is not for beginners. It is more like a graduate school. The Celestials Path may be exactly what you have been seeking. We have found that what most priestesses, priests, clergy, teachers, and leaders in general need is exactly what this program provides -- a community of peers.

There is a certain kind of loneliness that can come from always being the one everyone else turns to for support, counsel, and advice. Here you will find peers and elders who will listen, support, and counsel you on your personal and leadership paths.

Several of our students have in the past or are currently leading their own groups, and have provided leadership within community. Some are stepping into the role of elder within their families, communities, and traditions.

One could say that the full time programs offered by Reflections are actually structured apprenticeships. The school community provides a respite for all those who lead, teach or counsel.

For intermediate to advanced Pagans in the DC area, Reflections is the only local mystery school that offers both esoteric and spiritual classes taught by master teachers and a full-time training program that has roots in a local spiritual community.


The Moon and the Sun

old world artistic rendering of the sun and moonThe Celestials Paths are split into two main programs: the Moon Path of Personal Transformation and the Sun Path of Apprenticeship. The main distinction between these two paths is that the Moon Path is a year-long program and the Sun Path is a four-year program.  Students who want to commit themselves to a more strenuous path can enroll in the Sun Path.

Both paths focus on fulfilling the mission of the Reflections vision: to train the vision keepers, edge-walkers, soul retrievers and seed savers of the incoming age. 

Program features include: 

  • Yearly book study
  • Yearly course themes
    • Previous themes: the myth of Eros and Psyche, the Hermetic Qabalah, the Tarot, the Chakra system
  • Ritual training
  • Fellowship and service days
  • Collective altar building
  • Daily spiritual practices
  • Overnight, monastic sequestered weekends
  • Discounted public classes and workshops
  • Personalized projects and challenges



Tuition & Fees

Application Fee: $25 submitted with application, non-refundable.

Annual tuition for the Celestials Path is $480. 

Tuition includes nine rituals/classes, quarterly individual meetings with Katrina, sequestered weekends, plus discounted admission to all public mystery school classes. 

Payment Plans

Celestial Paths require the purchase of a 12 month subscription, where each month your credit/debit card is charged $40.  We do not store your card information on this site.  Our card vendor, Stripe, stores your credit/debit card details, and sends us an encrypted token that we use to generate subsequent orders monthly.

Apply to the Celestials Paths

Applications are accepted through November. The school year begins January 1st. Learn more about the application requirements on the application page. Although the Celestials Paths does not currently accept beginners in the craft, we do offer the Seekers Path for folks who feel they need a more fundamental training.  The Celestials Path is a place for folks who have already begun the work of personal transformative change.  

Remote Students
We are based in Washington DC, and prefer applicants who can travel easily to the DC area for classes and rituals. However we also offer a distance option for students who live more than 50 miles outside of DC. All students however must attend the Orientation ritual in January.

Celestial student playfully sticking tongue out during service dayContinuing Students
Continuing students do not need to reapply, they instead submit a update form to continue at the same or different level. Continuing Moon Path students who are considering switching to the Sun Path must receive approval from Katrina Messenger before registration. 

The school and its programs are open to all seekers regardless of path or tradition, including solitaires. We accept all genders, races, sexual orientations, life situations, backgrounds, and abilities, as long as a person is over 18.