Both the Moon Path of Personal Transformation and Sun Path of Apprenticeship are intended to provide advanced magical training and mentorship to experienced practitioners.

Applicants are expected to have enrolled in our Seekers courses or have its equivalent in other trainings, participated in group ritual, and have taken steps on their own to deepen and expand their knowledge, skills and experience as a spiritual seeker.

Acceptance into the program is based on a variety of factors including: experience, skill, knowledge, talent (latent as well as learned), maturity, self-awareness, appropriate uses of power & influence, stability, leadership and level of commitment. Special consideration is given for candidates who have tested themselves via initiation, long-term study, challenging leadership roles, or have faced difficult life challenges.

Applications are accepted through November 30th, followed by interviews in November/December. The school year begins January 1st.

Application Fee: 
$25 submitted with application, non-refundable.

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