About Us

reflections mystery school - tree reflected in lake at nightWhat Is Reflections?

If you seek...

  • Personal transformation and evolution
  • Humility, service and discipline
  • Spiritual fellowship and community
  • Education and training
  • Spiritual vocation
  • Spiritual guidance and mentoring

...then maybe Reflections is the place for you.

The purpose of Reflections Mystery School is to train the vision keepers, edge-walkers, soul retrievers and seed savers of the incoming age. The focus of Reflections Mystery School is soul work. We certainly offer classes on magickal and spiritual topics, but our primary area of concentration is evolving the soul. 

Much has been lost and hidden of the human mystery. What is available seems contradictory and in many places has been misinterpreted. But the seeds are alive still, and with the loving assistance of our allies, co-walkers, guides and guardians; they will thrive again within the soul of human consciousness.

Our tradition --and all of its associated members and groups--is rooted fundamentally in respect; respect for one’s elders and teachers, respect for fellow seekers on the path and respect for oneself. We are not the only ones on this path and so we share amongst and between the various traditions a set of tools, insights and learning. However, even as we share, we also accept that we may play very different roles in the turning of the great wheel, the dawn of the new age.

We invoke two qualities: embodiment and en-soul-ment. By embodiment we mean invoking sacredness into everyday life by living out in the world the values we hold dear within our hearts. We define en-soul-ment as the raising of everyday life to the level of a sacred vocation.

What is Soul Work? 

Soul work has many components and involves strengthening one’s core or sense of self. This work is crucial for everyone, but most especially for those that follow a spiritual or leadership path. One cannot merge with source until one has a self to dissolve.

Soul work involves shadow work, through which we reclaim our hidden energy and talent—the gold held by the Minotaur—so that it is available in our life and in our work. Our souls expand as we take back our projections, cleanse our lens, and unearth our repressions. 

Soul work involves building a spiritual practice that continually polishes the jewel of our soul. By practicing being centered, grounded, compassionate and present, you may better learn to return to grace.

Soul work involves self-awareness as to our strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities, and limits. In this way we can give from our surplus instead of our scarcity. At Reflections we start with who and what we are in our core and expand by beginning our search for meaning within.

Soul work involves discovering our growing edge. “Growing edge” issues will come up at work, at the doctor’s office, with complete strangers, and in your intimate relationships. It is our belief that if we attend to the edge that is being called to our attention, we will have the most traction with our efforts and potentially experience the greatest growth.

Soul work involves listening to the ancient voice within. We listen primarily through our dreams, and dream work requires us to learn the language of mystery itself. We attune to this language through the study of myth, folktales, and symbolism. We excavate our dreams for images, symbols, and messages. We enact ritual to engage these mysteries and strengthen our vocabulary, grammar, and syntax in this ancient tongue.

Souls work involves listening to each other. We recognize the divine in everyone and decipher its message through the voices of the people that surround our lives, especially those who have made a spiritual commitment to evolve their souls.

Soul work involves reaching outside the known. We listen as well to the wisdom keepers of the world. We study, discuss, and engage with ancient lessons shared by those we encounter in our daily lives and those we seek out for wisdom and mentoring.

It involves all of this and so much more. . . and then we rinse and repeat.


Join us as we experiment, observe and discover the seeds of sacred vocation, a spiritual journey within a secular life.

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