The Lyceum

Greetings, Mystai!

When the COVID pandemic swept through our area, Reflections Mystery School quickly switched from in-person to on-line meetings for everyone's safety. But a major strength and benefit of studying with Reflections was being in Katrina’s personal energy field through which she could impart teaching beyond the content of the curriculum and imprint the lessons directly -- spirit to spirit. This is work more easily done in person. However, it is still not safe to gather in such a way.

That work can still be done while we are physically separated, but we need to be meeting together on the astral plane at the same time to do it. Order initiates do this through a ritual and pathworking to move from the physical to the astral to do magic together online. We have found that it works well for us. We discussed how we could make use of the Order methodology to assist our students.

And so we are adding a new component to both the Celestials and Seekers programs to bring us all together in the astral. We are building a Lyceum1 in the astral as a common area for all Reflections students.

On the fourth Wednesday of each month all students in the Seekers and Celestials programs, as well as Order initiates, are invited (and strongly encouraged) to join together from 8:00pm to 9:30pm for magic, and ritual. This will take the place of the Seekers seminar that has been held at the same date/time. This will also take the place of the ritual that ended Celestial classes in the past, with Celestial students continuing to invoke the elements of their year.

Through this new offering, we hope to increase the level of spiritual support and community for all students in these trying times.


Katrina Messenger, Founder and Primary Faculty

Ivo Dominguez, Jr., Faculty

Angela Raincatcher, Dean of Students


1: Lyceum: The gymnasium where Aristotle taught, in ancient Athens.